In this day and age, detoxification is an important part of healing disease due to all the toxins in our environments.  An important part of the healing process is removing underlying causes of illness and in many cases this means removing toxins in our bodies.  Toxins can be physical, mental or emotional and all change and affect our physiology.  Detoxification is the metabolic process of reducing toxins in the body.  At our clinic we offer a number of therapies that aid in the detoxification process.  These include:

§  Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

§  Education on avoidance of toxins in environment

§  Hydrotherapy

§  Juice Cleanse

§  Medical Fasting  

§  Biotherapeutic Drainage with UNDA remedies

§  Homeopathy

§  IV Ozone Treatment

§  Infrared Sauna

§  Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

§  Herbal Medicine