Welcome to our page

Hi all, I want to lend a big welcome to everyone that will be visiting our page in the coming months and years.  It has been a long journey planning and developing what we hope to be the foremost wellness clinic in Spokane and the greater vicinity.  But we have finally arrived!  Expect big things when you walk through the Wellness Tree doors, new possibilities and untapped potential, superfood indulgences, fresh ideas, and most importantly a comfortable place to heal and get well.  Feel free to explore our site, call or email with questions, and of course swing in for a green drink and chat.  Consider becoming a member so you don't get left behind in this journey to tap into our physical, mental, and spiritual potentials.  You also get the best deal this way.  I'm so happy you are here and we look forward to meeting you very soon!   

Dr. Patrick Love

Wellness Tree Clinic